Health and governance

Access for all to adequate health services is a major issue in modern society. Through its actions, the Foundation aims to demonstrate that changes within an organization can help ensure appropriate services, while improving working conditions for employees. Our whole approach is based on individuals. Through listening and consulting, through understanding their situation, through optimizing working methods, real change can be effected within an organization.

Health and governance

Our actions


Seeking to bring improvements to the public health system, we chose to invest in CSSS des Sommets in the Laurentians. Our first step, in collaboration with HEC Montréal business school, was a thorough analysis of the network and its administrative structure. Then we focused on human resources.

Introduction of a joint management mode for medical and administrative staff, mobilization of personnel, and role validation led to a number of clear results: elimination of the CSSS deficit within three years, a steady decrease in the number of absences, and a remarkable decrease in the number of visits by frequent users who were draining much of the resources available. To know more about this project, please refer to the CSSS des Sommets reports on special cases (in French only ). Thanks to the active contribution of all employees, the project was a great success!

The de Gaspé Beaubien Foundation and HEC Montréal published a report on eight years of work at CSSS des Sommets: When Venture Philanthropy Meets Community Action: The Notion of Social Catalyst.

Report on Managing Complex Cases (in French only)

Reports on Notion of Social Catalyst