Philippe III de Gaspé Beaubien

The president and CEO the de Gaspé Beaubien Foundation and a founder of Adopt Inc., Philippe de Gaspé Beaubien is an accomplished entrepreneur who has established numerous start-ups and turn-arounds over the past 20 years. Currently working with 14 companies, Philippe has a number of key strengths that distinguish him from the general entrepreneurial environment.

Philippe loves finding trends before they become mainstream. He then starts or acquires companies to take advantage of these opportunities. Such trends include the consolidation of radio stations, growth of the cellular phone, cellular tower consolidation, broadband wireless expansion especially in machine to machine communications (M2M), redevelopment of inner cities, creation of niche brands in the spirits industry, the development of platforms for wearable devices, the opportunity for data mining and the exploding growth In the anti-aging revolution.

Philippe has been involved in 15 start-ups but more recently prefers finding companies that have a key product but have failed to properly commercialize it. He buys them at a significant discount, restructures them and uses them as a platform to consolidate an industry.

One of Philippe's fundamental beliefs is to focus on business to business companies (B-to-B) and develop niche strategies that will allow for the domination of an industry. He believes that most companies focusing on business to consumer (B-to-C) are in a far more competitive environment and even if they have a key strategic asset, the capital required for growth is too great for them to succeed without major outside support. Philippe loves acquiring these businesses as they exhaust themselves and redirect them to the B-to-B market. If Philippe does get involved in B-to-C he ensures that he is partnered up with a dominant player -- generally another family or organization who specializes in the industry.

Education and Involvement

  • BA, University of Western Ontario; 1981
  • M.Ed, McGill University; 1983
  • MBA, Harvard University; 1988
  • Completed the Investment Analyst Program at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania., 1993

He has two children, Philippe IV and Louis, and a wife, Nannette.