Grants policy

Actions initiated by the foundation

For over 20 years, the Foundation focused on the issues faced by families in business. Since 2015, the new de Gaspé Beaubien generation has shifted their energy to a cause that is particularly important to them: water preservation. Today, the de Gaspé Beaubien Foundation allocates the majority of its funds to water preservation and public awareness initiatives. It develops innovative projects with partners that stand out through their actions and share the Foundation’s values.

Through its entrepreneurial philanthropy, the Foundation goes beyond simple financial contribution. It determines the key actors in its projects, facilitates consultations and participation, and puts its extensive business expertise to profit in order to ensure their success and perennity.

Projects supported by the foundation

The Foundation prioritizes projects based on long-term improvement, coupled with an innovative approach, in order to solve a targeted social or environmental issue. The results of their projects are measurable and can be modified according to the progression measured along the way.

The entities that we are currently supporting are:

  • AquaAction
  • De Gaspé Beaubien Museum
  • Maison Phoenix

We are not receiving any other requests that are not directly linked to these projects.