Grants policy

Actions initiated by the foundation

The Foundation board of directors and members initiate projects that are consistent with their mission. Most funding is allocated to projects developed with outstanding partners and organizations that share the same values as the Foundation.

For the causes it cares about, the Foundation goes over and above a mere financial contribution. Through its extensive business expertise, an entrepreneurial philanthropy approach, and personal participation, the Foundation takes the lead, recruits and selects key partners, and facilitates consultation and participation so as to ensure sustainable results.

Projects supported by the foundation

The Foundation supports projects that promote long-term improvements coupled with innovative approaches that target specific social or environmental issues. Projects we support have measurable results and are amenable to revision according to results obtained along the way.

The three entities we currently support are:

  1. The Business Family Foundation
  2. AquaAction
  3. The Club of Intrapreneurs

We will not consider any other requests for proposals that are not directly related to these organizations.