De Gaspe Beaubien Museum

The de Gaspe Beaubien Museum is a virtual and interactive experiences presenting over 400 years of history. The lives of 10 Canadian men and women are recounted in a human and authentic way in order for us to benefit from their learnings hundreds of years later.

Canada has a rich entrepreneurial history that only few are aware of. However, in order to continue innovating and evolving, we need to understand our past and the people who impacted it. This is why the de Gaspe Beaubien family, proud of their multigenerational entrepreneurial involvement, have decided to take on the responsibility of highlighting and popularizing this story.

Our successes, bumps in the road, triumphs, and failures can teach many lessons to the entrepreneurs of today, as well as those of tomorrow. Discover now the story of one family among so many others.


An initiative to highlight the entrepreneurial spirit

An initiative to highlight the entrepreneurial spirit

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