For the de Gaspe Beaubien family’s 4th generation, preserving our freshwater is the priority. The wellbeing of future generations depends on this essential natural resource; the Foundation believes in the potential of new technologies to answer to the most pressing needs in water preservation.

This is why the de Gaspe Beaubien Foundation launched AquaAction. This charity’s mission is to restore the health of freshwater in North America by investing in the talents of young Canadian entrepreneurs. AquaAction activates, supports, and drives enterprises in the development and commercialization of their technologies.


Today, AquaAction proposes three programs:

  • AquaHacking is the first step of an entrepreneurial journey. It caters to startups and new enterprises that are developing innovative solutions to the water crisis.
  • Alumni is a specialized incubator that supports new enterprises developed through AquaAction from coast to coast.
  • AquaEntrepreneur helps water technology enterprises in the pre-commercialization phase. This program brings their solutions from the lab to the market.


Since 2015, AquaAction at its AquaHacking challenge have been traveling throughout Canada in the following watersheds:

  • 2015 – Ottawa River
  • 2016 – Saint Lawrence River
  • 2017 – Lake Erie
  • 2018 – Lake Ontario
  • 2019 – Great Lakes and Saint Lawrence River
  • 2020 – Okanagan Lake
  • 2020 – Atlantic
  • 2021 – Rivière des Milles Îles
  • 2022 – Atlantic
  • 2023 – Province of Quebec
  • 2024 – Great Lakes


An initiative to highlight the entrepreneurial spirit

An initiative to highlight the entrepreneurial spirit

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