The Foundation believes in the potential of new technologies which will, with the help of the new generation of innovators, resolve the most pressing issues faced by water sources in North America.
It is to reach this objective that AquaAction was launched. This non-profit organization’s mission is to restore the health of freshwater in North America. AquaAction relies on the talents of young innovators by activating their technologies and supporting them in the transformation of their ideas into concrete results.

Today, AquaAction offers 3 programs:

  • The AquaHacking Challenge, which aims to mobilize the next generation of innovators in order to solve freshwater issues in Canada.
  • Alumni, which connects young water tech innovators from coast to coast.
  • AquaEntrepreneur, which helps water tech companies to bring their innovative solutions to the freshwater crisis from lab to market.

Since 2015, AquaAction and their AquaHacking Challenge have traveled all around Canada visiting the following watersheds:
2015 – Ottawa River
2016 – St. Laurence River
2017 – Lake Erie
2018 – Lake Ontario
2019 – Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River
2020 – Lake Okanagan
2020 – Lake Winnipeg

2022 – AquaHacking Quebec
2022 – AquaHacking Atlantique

Discover the initiative

Discover the initiative

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Every Foundation initiative stems from an issue that members deeply believe in. You must be convinced of the merits of a cause to become personally involved and support it financially.

To the fourth generation of the de Gaspé Beaubien family, water is a priority. The well-being of future generations depends on this natural resource that is essential to life. Through its actions to promote water conservation, the Foundation is encouraging people to show the highest respect for water and is working with communities, businesses, and governments to identify issues and find appropriate solutions.