Business families

The BFF is a not-for-profit organization helping families in business of all sizes. Its mandate is international.

Its mission is to give family businesses and their advisors the means to resolve the challenges they face as they grow, change, advance, and maintain their roles as social and economic mainstays within their communities.

The BFF offers a neutral forum where families in business can present and debate issues, where existing and potential solutions are examined and adapted, and where dialogue leads to actual value through the sharing of targeted and practical tutorials and real-life experiences.

The BFF provides a foundation for building a network of viable, regional university-level education centres dedicated to families in business.

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Families own over 80% of all Canadian companies. Business families are therefore at the very heart of our economy.

Crucial to our communities, families in business encounter common challenges in order to assume their leadership roles for the benefit of society as a whole. We believe it is essential to work with them toward their full growth. With the support of several partners, the de Gaspé Beaubien Foundation created over twenty years ago in Canada the Business Families Foundation (BFF).