Our approach

The Foundation was created in 1990 by Nan-B and Philippe II de Gaspé Beaubien to give generously of their time, experience and resources to the community.

The family takes an “entrepreneurial and investment approach” to its philanthropic endeavours.

The approach is based on three important principles. Firstly, to engage with and understand the needs of those already active on an issue, to determine together how we can make a difference, to be the seed funder to secure the early years of program development, and to secure sustainable funding and to ensure program longevity.

Our values

Cross-sector collaboration is core to its mode of operating, engaging experts from various fields and sectors. Youth and next gen are also core to its programs, recognising the value of new ideas, approaches and perspectives. This diversity of voices is at the base of innovation and creativity, and helps ensure the sustainability of its programs.

Our values are the driving force behind our every action. It is through them that we define ourselves and through them that we act.

  • Planning: Time is the best ally for change. We plan our projects to be carried out over a minimum of five years to ensure they produce lasting change.
  • Innovation: To stand at the forefront of innovation and ensure highly efficient internal processes, we prioritize the use of new technologies in our projects.
  • Family: Irrespective of their models, families are the source of society’s strongest and most important bonds. We value families in our projects, and we want them to attain their full potential.
  • Community: Before generating large-scale effects, we believe it is necessary to become involved. We have to learn as we go, perfect ideas and programs to then be able to bring them to scale.

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