Family in Business one day, Family in Business Every Day

The de Gaspé Beaubien Foundation’s philanthropic efforts – and by the same token the efforts of its founders, Philippe et Nan-b – concentrate today on the future of water and the environmental and social issues related to it. However, their philanthropic efforts precede their involvement in this cause. Over the last 30 years, the de Gaspé Beaubien family has invested in a number of different causes. The first cause supported by the family has not been forgotten and will always have a special place in our hearts: families in business.

A Personal Interest from the Start

It’s no secret that the de Gaspé Beaubien family has been in business for a long time. Owning, managing, and ceding a family enterprise has an impact on each member of the family; the same goes for the de Gaspé Beaubien family.

In the 90s, Philippe and Nan-b’s children each held a role within the enterprise. Eventually, separating family life and work life became more challenging. They also realized that the challenges they were faced with as a family in business were very similar to the issues experienced by their peers. This is how the Foundation for Families in Business was born in 1999.

In 2020, following the merger with Family Enterprise Canada Foundation, the organization became known as the Family Enterprise Foundation. Philippe and Nan-b’s contribution will however always be recognized by the foundation: « As honorary board members of Family Enterprise Foundation (FEF) and co-chairs of the de Gaspé Beaubien Foundation, Nan-B and Philippe devote their time and energy to the advancement of family enterprise. Pioneers in their field, they continue to break new ground supporting global enterprising families, women’s issues, public health and environmental causes. Imparting knowledge, wisdom and serving others, their special passion is devoted to helping the next generation […]. » – Family Enterprise Foundation

Still Relevant Today

More than 20 years after the creation of the Foundation for Families in Business, the de Gaspé Beaubien family is no longer at its’ head. However, the Foundation’s mission is still important to them. It remains a key subject for each member of the family.

At respectively 95 and 87 years of age, Philippe and Nan-b obviously care a great deal about their children and grandchildren’s happiness, both in their personal and professional lives. Leadership and the entrepreneurial spirit seem to be passed down from generation to generation in their family. The knowledge acquired by the Foundation and the tools they developed are therefore of use to thousands of families around the world, including the de Gaspé Beaubien family.

It Doesn’t Stop There

Even if Philippe and Nan-b are now less active in the cause of entrepreneurial families, they remain involved behind the scenes. Their professional and personal journey make this a requirement.

“We are very proud of what we have created in the past! Even if we are quieter now, the fact remains that we continue to be committed to the cause of families in business. I can’t talk about it too much, but know that we are working on a new project related to that. This project will come to light in 2023!” – Nan-b de Gaspé Beaubien

We will have to wait for the new year to find out more. Philippe, Nan-b, and the de Gaspé Beaubien Foundation’s team are excited to be able to tell us more.

Emerging Talent Award EAU Andre-Perrault 2021

The de Gaspé Beaubien Foundation has the honour of presenting to you the recipient of the Emerging Talent Award EAU Andre-Perrault 2021 prize (Prix de la relève EAU André Perrault): Timothe Roy-Bouchard, cofounder of the enterprise Solutions Eco Time. This recognition was given to him for his innovative projects relating to rain water collection. On May 10th, 2022, during an official prize ceremony at the C.I.EAU, Dominique Monchamp had the pleasure of meeting Timothe and awarding him with a 1 500$ grant sponsored by the de Gaspé Beaubien Foundation

What is the Emerging Talent Award EAU Andre-Perrault? 

The award is named in honour of Andre Perrault, founder of EAU and previous director of public works and environment for the city of Laval, a man who is passionate about the environment and involved in the water crisis. The objective of the award is to recognize the innovations and exceptional character of young people’s projects in the water sector, whether they concern the best practices to adopt or new technologies. By doing so, the C.I.EAU recognizes the essential work, dedication, and know-how of the new generation regarding the water crisis in Quebec.

The selection committee is composed of a member of the board of administration of C.I.EAU and Quebec experts in the water sector. Together, they evaluate the quality of the candidates’ presentations and the impact of their projects on the knowledge of the water sector, technologies, and water management. 

The de Gaspé Beaubien Foundation is a Partner for a Second year

The contest’s 2021 edition marks the de Gaspé Beaubien Foundation’s second year of involvement in the contest. The importance that we give to the water crisis and the development of technologies and innovation in this sector is well-known. It is essential for the Foundation and AquaAction to recognize and encourage the younger generation across Quebec. This association with the C.I.EAU and the Emerging Talent Award EAU Andre-Perrault therefore seemed obvious. 

“The de Gaspé Beaubien Foundation is proud to partner with C.I.EAU and the Emerging Talent Award EAU Andre-Perrault. We are happy to be involved in this human initiative in Quebec. Timothe and Solutions Eco Time will certainly accomplish great things! Congratulations again to him and his team, but also to the other candidates for their involvement and achievements. They are the future of the water sector in Quebec.” – Dominique Monchamp, general director of the de Gaspé Beaubien Foundation.

Why we Encourage Young Entrepreneurs 

In spite of the important business chain and expertise behind providing accessible drinking water to everyone, Quebec is presently experiencing a major shortage of professionals in jobs relating to the water sector. Water treatment operators, technicians, technologists, and engineers are severely lacking. However, water management and preservation are crucial issues. 

In 2020, EnviroCompetences denoted that 41% of organizations in the water sector had immediate labour needs, and 66% of organizations did not have measures to resolve the problem. Two years later, the situation hasn’t changed … Initiatives that stimulate the younger generations to develop their knowledge and expertise in the water sector are necessary today to ensure the perennity of the infrastructures, but also – and especially – the well-being of our society. If the labour shortage in the water sector continues, the consequences could be devastating. 

Initiatives such as C.I.EAU, the Emerging Talent Award EAU Andre-Perrault, and the achievements of young innovators who participate give us hope for the possibility of a better future. 

Find out more about the winner, Timothe Roy-Bouchard, and Solutions Eco Time.

Find out more about the Centre d’Interpretation de l’Eau. 

Over 30 years of involvement and innovation for the Foundation

Since 1990, with the de Gaspé Beaubien Foundation, Nan-b and Philippe ll de Gaspé Beaubien have been sharing their time and resources on a local, national, and international level. Their values of sharing, innovation, and sustainable development are the pillars of the Foundation. Thirty-two years later, these values remain at the heart of all their decisions. Get an overview of their humanitarian vision and its origin.

Before the de Gaspé Beaubien Foundation: Télémédia

Following the success of their enterprise Télémédia, Philippe ll and Nan-b decided to create the de Gaspé Beaubien Foundation. The success of the enterprise made their philanthropic aspirations possible.

Launched in 1968, Télémédia was a media company. It included magazines and several television and radio stations. In the 1980s, Télémédia owned the most important private radio network and was known as one of the largest magazine editors in Canada. Some of the brands founded and popularized by Télémédia are still part of Canada’s media landscape today: Coup de Pouce, Elle Québec, Elle Canada, TVHebdo, Canadian Living, etc.

Passion and Involvement from the Start

Proud of their success in the media world, Philippe ll and Nan-b threw themselves into the philanthropic field with the creation of the de Gaspé Beaubien Foundation. Giving back to the community was more than a wish for them. They were motivated by the idea of helping other families in business to reach a balance between business and family and ensure a harmonious succession within the enterprises. They saw this as their duty. The Foundation’s approach is based on 3 principles: exchanging with the parties involved to understand their needs and determine the project’s key actions together, supplying the initial funds required for the development of the project, establishing the success criteria and evaluating the impact of the project, as well as ensuring the perennity of the project by researching sustainable funding.

Our Mission: listening, exchanging, and working with the community in order to collectively drive durable actions and change.

For our founders of the last 30 years, the Foundation’s various projects and programs are a full-time job. “The fact is that we have worked as hard to give back our money as we did to earn it in the first place. We want to be involved in projects and causes that we care about and believe in. We want to be involved efficiently and long term.” – Philippe ll and Nan-b de Gaspé Beaubien

From generation to generation, members of the de Gaspé Beaubien family have been personally and actively involved in the Foundation. Their contribution is of course financial, but also and mainly humanitarian. They donate their time and effort to each of the Foundation’s projects. They involve themselves personally and insist that their donations be dedicated to activities involving humans, not only infrastructures, equipment, or spaces.

Families in Business

In the 90s, as the line between the family and professional preoccupations of the de Gaspé Beaubien family was becoming blurred, Philippe and Nan-b realized that their enterprises may be unique, but their reality as a family in business was incredibly similar to their peers’. This is how the cause of families in business gradually became the Foundation’s primary project.

In 1999, the program created by the de Gaspé Beaubien Foundation became a Non-Profit Organization and the Family Enterprise Foundation was born. Over 20 years later, the NPO is still in operation and continues to evolve.


From 2006 to 2014, the de Gaspé Beaubien Foundation invested close to a million dollars into the healthcare system.

The Foundation was associated with the Centre de Santé et de Services Sociaux (CSSS) des Sommets (MRC des Laurentides) for the creation and implementation of several programs. Over the course of those 8 years, the team brought many projects to term. A new medical administration co-management system was set up; coaching and several co-development activities between medical directors and clinic administration were provided, the onboarding and integration of the doctors at the CSSS were consolidated, workshops to drive interest in management and the co-management model were created, etc.

The Cause of Water

For the last few years, the cause of water has been the Foundation’s priority. In 2015, the non-profit organization AquaAction was created. In only 6 years, the organization has participated in the creation of over 35 innovative start-ups across Canada through their AquaHacking challenges. This is certainly one of their biggest achievements!

Their most recent project? A new awareness campaign. This national campaign was launched in March. The objective is to make the public aware of the critical problems related to water and the cutting-edge solutions emerging to help solve them.

Find out how you can get involved!

Maison Phoenix

Having lived in the Laurentians for over 40 years, Philippe and Nan-b have a particular appreciation for the area. They have therefore been involved in several local projects over the years. In 2022, they announced their support for Maison Phoenix, a new NPO in the region.

Maison Phoenix’s mission is based on community and intergenerational relations. The organization will provide apartments for seniors 65 years and over. The building will be right next to Val-David’s new public school in order to make interactions between seniors and students easier. The de Gaspé Beaubien Foundation is contributing to the hiring of a resource to coordinate the organization’s intergenerational activities.

Nan-b and Philippe can be proud of the de Gaspé Beaubien Foundation’s accomplishments. The humanitarian and philanthropic vision from 30 years ago has remained at the heart of their operations. It guides them every day and also motivates their children and grandchildren. The future of the Foundation and its projects is in good hands!


Maison Phoenix: a new social endeavor for the de Gaspe Beaubien Foundation

As well as being involved in the cause of water and supporting families in business around the world, the de Gaspe Beaubien family is firmly committed to helping their community. After having made a major contribution to our Sainte-Agathe des Monts hospital, we, once again called upon to help our community. Having lived in the Laurentians for over 40 years, Philippe and Nan-b, once again, have decided to give back to their community. The Foundation will therefore support a new organization in their region: Maison Phoenix in Val-David.

“We firmly believe in the strength of community. After being served so well by our Laurentian community. We have always considered that the elderly hold a privileged role within our families. They have the duty – and honour – of sharing their knowledge and wisdom stories, giving back, and contributing to the community.” – Nan-b de Gaspe Beaubien

What is Maison Phoenix?

Maison Phoenix is a non-profit organization which provides intergenerational co-operative housing for seniors with diminishing autonomy. The organization will supply apartments for seniors over 65 years of age who wish to live close to the heart of Val-David. The building will be near the village’s new public school in order to facilitate intergenerational exchanges between residents and young people. Maison Phoenix’s mission combines a collective approach, mutual assistance, and intergenerational exchanges.

The intergenerational side of things is already in motion! Last fall, first and second grade students from Sainte-Marie school read to seniors in the community. It was a source of pride and motivation for these young students who had the chance to use their recently acquired reading skills. For the seniors, it was both original and adorable entertainment as well as a chance to interact with the new generation.

Not Only for Primary School Students

Maison Phoenix would like to expand the intergenerational pairing beyond primary schools. They would like to provide the opportunity to adolescents and young people in difficult situations to exchange with the residents. People who are suffering with addiction, for example, will be able to seek out support from seniors who have been in similar situations. By sharing their experiences, the residents will provide visitors with support and understanding.

The Foundation’s Role

In 2022, the de Gaspe Beaubien Foundation will contribute in order to hire a resource for the coordination of the organization’s intergenerational activities. Maison Phoenix highlighted the importance of this funding: “This is a major contribution for our organization. We are looking to the future with a lot of hope and gratitude towards all the people and organizations who are financially supporting our mission.”

This resource will be the organization’s first contractual employee. Having trained as a teacher, Genevieve Beachamp accepted the mandate. She is motivated to tackle this challenge and develop the new intergenerational pairing programs.

Maison Phoenix may just be getting started, but they are starting off with a bang! It would not be surprising to see other similar initiatives emerge elsewhere in Quebec over the next couple of years.